• Bill Boyajian

How Confidence Pays Off in Selling…

A friend recently sent me an online article about how exuding “over-confidence” pays off. The theory, backed by a recent study, seemed to indicate that all things being equal (talent, skill, knowledge, etc.), people who appeared very confident, even over-confident, would be more successful than those who relied on talent alone. What the article suggested is that those who were experts at self-promotion tended to trump those who got by simply on hard work and innate talent.

I suppose some of this is true, but those who self-promote without much to back it up tend to be found out sooner or later, and often come crashing down. This is true in almost any field, but it is easy for those of us in the jewelry business to relate to this during a big sale. No one wants to buy from a salesperson who lacks confidence, but in my view, they are just as unlikely to buy from someone who talks a good game but can’t back it up with knowledge, sincerity, and great service.

Knowledge starts with expertise in the product. If you know your product and have confidence in your ability to convey it across that critical 18 inches of jewelry counter, you have a good chance of making the sale. If you can back up that knowledge with a sincere and genuine interest in your client, you have an even better chance. And if you can back up both with quality service that goes over and beyond the expectations of your customer, you have a real winning formula.

Confidence pays off in selling. Over-confidence tends to create doubt in the mind of the buyer. Make sure your confidence is backed by superior product knowledge, a noble interest in the consumer, and the kind of service you expect from anyone in any field that is serving you. When you combine these elements in a selling situation, you will not only compete, but defeat, your competition.

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