November 14, 2017 AJA International meeting with attendance of  Gagik Gevorkyan, Advisor to RA President, AJA-Lebanon Chairman Krikor Yessayan, AJA-Russia Chairman Ruben Kotanchyan, Vice-President of AJA-Russia Artem Martirosyan, the Chapter`s secretary Ani Zakaryan and others took place at the office of AJA-Russia in Moscow.

Mr. Yessayan also attended Estet Fashion Week, which was hosted by Estet Jewelry House, November 13-19.

The attendees discussed JUNWEX Yerevan Show 2017 and the current jewelry market situation, highlighting the fact, that the change of life priorities and values of modern generation has also led to the drop in demand for jewelry. Today, young people prefer gadgets, they are driven by cult branding, which is gradually overtaking jewelry. This fuels an already complicated situation caused by the economic crisis.

Nevertheless, AJA members were positive,during the meeting it was stressed that standing in solidarity  will encourage  jewelers to face the challenges.

One of the solutions to this problem might be  the State`s support provided to jewelers.

It`s worth mentioning that Armenia Development Foundation  supports  Armenian Jewelers during the International exhibitions.

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