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To promote Armenian jewelers globally. 

Bringing Armenian jewelers together and developing the jewelry industry in Armenia is a mission of great importance.

The purpose of the Association is to draw on the Armenian heritage of its members, as well as their diverse entrepreneurial and business strengths and experience, in order to increase communication and cooperation between Armenian jewelers. AJA aims to enhance professional image, promote interest and assist in developing and expanding the Armenian jewelry business throughout the world. 

Without limiting the purpose of the Association, its objectives are: 

  • To unite individual businessmen, merchants, manufacturers, traders, agents, industrialists and executives of Armenian descent who are involved in the jewelry industry, into an association to co-operate in the economic development and general welfare of Armenian jewelers;
  • To foster and advance the common objectives and interests of its members;
  • To lobby for and promote legislation and regulations affecting jewelry trade and commerce in Armenia, internationally and nationally in their respective chapters and regions, and to oppose or support, as the case may be, such contemplated national, international or municipal legislation or regulations insofar as they may affect its members or trade and commerce of the jewelry industry;
  • To promote regional and international trade and commerce by way of promoting foreign and local investments in Armenia and the export of Armenian made jewelry and services to foreign countries;
  • To actively promote and raise the profile of Armenian jewelers in Armenia and in all regions around the world. To actively publicize and promote, regionally and internationally, Armenian jewelry businesses;
  • To promote and encourage the skills and creativity of Armenian jewelers by organizing regional and international jewelry contests;
  • To identify and promote new areas of jewelry related business ventures, including without limitation to potential joint ventures, and to effectively communicate this information to its members;
  • To create a forum for networking and general knowledge by communicating with its members through the Internet, bulletins, periodicals, conventions, business meetings, seminars, dinners and other means of communication;
  • To provide a forum for discussions and counseling on business problems common to its members;
  • To carry out economic, fiscal and market research, gather statistics, identify subsidies, develop and effectively communicate this information to its members insofar as it is necessary or useful to meet their particular need;
  • To promote trade and other commercial dealings between members of the Association;
  • To obtain preferential rate for international and regional common services, such as: insurance, banking, legal, accounting, freight, advertising, telecommunications, computer services, transportation and other common services incidental to carrying on the businesses of its members;
  • To organize and participate in international trade missions;
  • To assist students of Armenian descent, both morally and financially, to enable them to develop their skills and to continue their formal education. To give grants, bursaries, awards, scholarships and prizes to students as well as to non-students for other meritorious achievements;
  • To provide assistance, morally and financially, to educational institutions involved in the education of students of Armenian descent, inter alia, as well as educational institutions offering or prepared to offer courses of study relating to the jewelry industry and/or the history, tradition, design and other aspects of Armenian jewelry;
  • To encourage the elevation of professional standards of conduct. To formulate a code of ethics;
  • To raise money and establish funds by way of donations, dues or otherwise in order to further the objectives of the Association;
  • To invest money from the Association not immediately required for the purposes of the Association. In such, investments by trustees may by law invest trust funds;
  • To establish, provide, enlarge, superintend and administer a fund or funds which may be conducive to any of the objectives of the Association and to undertake and establish and execute any trust, organization or foundation incidental or conducive thereof;
  • To enter into arrangements with authorities responsible for Armenian or foreign institutions, such as museums, and obtain from such authorities any rights, privileges and concessions to exhibit, publish and promote historic Armenian jewelry artifacts;
  • To assist in and actively promote the formation of Regional Associations around the world;
  • To co-operate and work with other jewelry associations;
  • To conceive and develop internship and student exchange programs to enhance the jewelry skills and knowledge of the trade amongst the new generation of Armenian jewelers;
  • To provide various means of networking between Armenian jewelers and among others. To create, maintain and make available to all members, a directory listing of all the Armenian jewelry companies around the world;
  • To provide the means for dispute settlement between members;
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives and without restricting any of the following:
  • To accept gifts, endowments and legacies for the advancement of its objectives and to take, in this respect, any agreements deemed necessary;
  • To acquire, possess, administer, lease and sell property both moveable and immovable, real and personal, by all legal means and under any title and to pledge, hypothecate, mortgage or in any other way charge the same; and
  • To erect, establish, maintain, administer and manage any building, work, establishment or service required for the pursuit and realization of its objectives and purposes.
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Armenian Jewellers Association | Since 1998
Armenian Jewellers Association | Since 1998