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  • Nathalie Sevikian
    Nathalie Sevikian | 23.11.2012
    Nathalie Sevikian is a Paris brand.  Behind the Brand, Nathalie Sevikian, founder of the brand and designer creates collections to tell stories.  ...
  • Waskoll Paris
    Waskoll Cyril | 25.10.2012
    The Waskoll family’s passion for exceptional gems began a century ago. It is currently owned an operated by third generation brothers, Cyril and Kirk. Cyril...
  • Belart Clock
    Serge Altounian | 17.10.2012
    France, Paris, Paris
    Belart luxury clocks are all manufactured by hand in a workshop in Paris, France. The manufacturing process starts with a design brief which is carefully...
  • Vandiam Jewelry
    Vahé Khatcherian | 17.10.2012
    France, Paris, Paris
    Dans le quartier des Batignolles depuis une vingtaine d'années, Van Diam, créateur en joaillerie et fabricant, fort de 30 ans d'expérience dans...
  • Fancy Jewelry Europe
    Aren Kemer | 16.08.2012
    Based in Istanbul, Fancy Jewelry is focused on manufacturing of silver jewelry for the past 30 years. The company offers a wide choice of quality products...
  • Moog Paris
    Hovel Chenorhokian | 13.08.2012
    Born in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, moog Paris provides must-have fashion watches that do not pass by unnoticed, combining scrumptious materials...
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