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Belart Clock

Serge Altounian | 17.10.2012 | France, Paris, Paris

Belart luxury clocks are all manufactured by hand in a workshop in Paris, France. The manufacturing process starts with a design brief which is carefully discussed with the client, most of the clock's designs are based on the client's vision or idea and developed from there. During this first phase, colors, shapes, sculptures, carvings, messages or pictures are being decided and drawn in order to get a visual idea of the clock. The clients bring their requirements and once the feasibility and cost of the project is agreed the work can start.
The first step is to choose the rough materials such as different marbles, brass, bronzes and lacquers. The next step is the mechanical work that involves cutting, turning, polishing the brass and finally gold or silver plating the brass, followed by the lacquering that brings the semi-precious stone like look and color on different parts of the clock, and followed by the printing on metal stage such as the printing that appears on the dials or carving of the metal. Finally the last step consists of mounting the parts together.

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