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Waskoll Paris

Waskoll Cyril | 25.10.2012 | France

The Waskoll family’s passion for exceptional gems began a century ago.
It is currently owned an operated by third generation brothers, Cyril and Kirk.
Cyril and Kirk’s grandfather was named Karekin which means precious stone, a true promise and definitely the inspiration of a family destiny.
Their father, Peter, conveyed to his children not only his passion for jewelry but also the creativity and the expertise indispensable to the build a special brand.
The sons, Cyril and Kirk, one jeweler the other gemologist, one creator the other dealer, one with his head in the stars and the other with the feet on the ground, are developing Waskoll thanks to a modern jewelry concept anchored in the purest jewelry tradition.
Women, happiness and all the happy moments in life are the sources of inspiration for Cyril and Kirk, their mission is to tame the light of the gems to reveal its secrets.

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