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Nathalie Sevikian

Nathalie Sevikian | 23.11.2012 | France

Nathalie Sevikian is a Paris brand. 
Behind the Brand, Nathalie Sevikian, founder of the brand and designer creates collections to tell stories. 
Born in Provence, she kept this crucial link to the nature that surrounds us. Her favorite color, blue tourmaline is an irresistible evocation of the Mediterranean azure. 
Autodidact designer, graduated from the International Institute of gemology in Antwerpen, the noble art of craftsmen is part of all of her creations. 
Voluble, opened to others and their culture, she conceives her jewelry as exchanges with her clients, infusing this piece of soul that makes them intimate objects. Emotion, Sense and Creativity are at the heart of her approach. 
Collections are organized in two axes: Elements and Nature. The exploration of pure and geometric forms on one hand, the tribute to the living world on the other hand, universal and symbolic representations. 
Please do visit the website Please contact us if you are interested in distributing the brand. Nathalie Sevikian design studio also offers collections design for other brands 
Nathalie Sevikian
 13 Rue Froissart 75003 Paris, France 

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