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    "Bergio" at JCK Show, Report # 27
    Berge Abajian  entered the JCK show  with his famous previous and interesting new collections. As he noticed, this year was very successful for "Bergio"
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    Yerevan Show: attendies from Europe, Report #25
    There were several participants from Europe attending the Yerevan show. Today we will introduce you Mr. Vahe Jaghaspanyan from France and Vatche Istanbouli from Italy.
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    "Davtyan Designs" at Yerevan Show, Report #21
    12 participants were representing Armenia at Yerevan show, Armen Davtyan was introducing "Davtyan Designs" brend.
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    RH @ Comany at JCK Show, Report #14
    Mr. Ruben Hakobian is the owner of one of the famous jewellery companies in United states, - RH@Company.  We met him at JCK
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    AJA members visited Junwex 2011 . Report #10
    AJA members and  such honored guests as Matt Stuller,  visited Moscow this september to attend the Junwex Show  and to take a part at the 20th Anniversary of "Estet" Jewellery House
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