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    Toros Kejejian at JCK Show, Report # 39
    "Tycoon" is one of the leading jewellery companies in the world when it comes to cutter and fine diamonds jewellery. We met the owner of the company-Toros Kejejian at JCK LAS VEGAS show.
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    "Bergio" at JCK Show, Report # 27
    Berge Abajian  entered the JCK show  with his famous previous and interesting new collections. As he noticed, this year was very successful for "Bergio"
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    Gorgeous Gumuchian at JCK show, Report # 19
    Since the turn of the century the Gumuchian name has earned a well-established reputation in the diamond and jewelry industry. WEe met Mariam Gumuchian at JCK Show
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    RH @ Comany at JCK Show, Report #14
    Mr. Ruben Hakobian is the owner of one of the famous jewellery companies in United states, - RH@Company.  We met him at JCK
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    Las Vegas 2011, AJA entered the JCK show, Report #8
    This summer AJA reports visited the fabulous Las-Vegas. We attended a famous jewellery show - JCK Show which takes place every year in Las Vegas.
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    Interview with Mr. Bill Boyajian, Report #7
    During the JCK Show we met Mr. Bill Boyajian—  a famous leader in gem and jewellery industry and the author of the book "Mind of a leader".
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    Interview with the President of AJA, Report #6
    The president of AJA Mr. Gagik Gwevorkyan gave a short interview for AJA TV during the JCK show in Las Vegas
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    AJA reports in Phoenicia restaurant, LA, Report #4
    During the business trip to Los Angeles AJA reports also witnessed famous Armenian hospitality when visited a Phenicia café.
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