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    Logiсal software for jewelers by Logicmate №75
    Talent, imagination, craftsmanship, financial basis and a free niche— these are the  main basics for creating a successful jewelry business, you may think. But equally useful is to make it on the right software.
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    Stunning designs by DANHOV at JCK 2012 № 74
    Trying to find  a unique brand at JCK, we couldn’t avoid Danhov— a premiere, award-winning designer of  hand-crafted bridal and engagement rings
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    AJA President leads the 37th Navasardian games: #73
    Not only the cocktail party, but all the 37 th Homenetmen games (LA chapter) had the strong support of jewelers, whose attendance displayed their solidarity with this year’s Honorary President—AJA presdient Gagik Gevorkian.
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    Culture of West Armenia in St. Petersburg # 70
    More than 25 items of  rare Armenian Jewelry brought from  Van in the begining of 20th century by a famous ethographer Alexander Miller,were exposed in the Russian Museum of Ethnography
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    AJA at JCK 2012- Anouncment # 69
    Over 200 jewelry house booths featured in JCK with Armenian names stood out with their unique design.  AJA was following he traces of Armenian Jewellers at the show.
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    "Neva" Technological Factory # 68
    AJA reports was the guest of "Neva" Technological factory in Saint-Petersburg.
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    "Armenians of the World" with Hovel Chenorhokian # 67
    Armenians of the World, Hovel Shnorhokian on SHANT TV
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    Zela jewelry at Baselworld 2012 # 66
    This year at Baselworld Zela introduced a unique necklace made of rare Columbian  emeralds and manufactured during 7 months
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    AJA jewelry school was opened in Yerevan # 65
    On 20th of April AJA founded the second jewelry school— this time in Armenia (Yerevan).
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    AJA delegation in Tsitsernakaberd № 64
    Every year on April 24, hundreds of thousands of Armenians gather in Tstitsernakaberd to remember the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide that took place in the Ottoman Empire.
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    AJA opens a jewelry school in Artsakh № 63
    Artsakh had old traditions of jewelry art. And AJA decided to revive those traditions very sympolic — with opening a new jewelry school in Stepanakert.
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    AJA delegation carries on negotiations in Yerevan № 62
    AJA tekaes stepts  to open a  Trade Jewellery Zone project in departure area of Zvartnots International airport (Yerevan. More than 2000 passengers (in a day average) pass the departure area every day. AJA Trade Jewellery Zone will be working with Duty-Paid principle.
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    Armenia Takes Steps To Develop The Industry №61
    'We are taking steps so that the issue of the development of the Armenian economy be solved as quickly and effectively as possible"- says Tigran Davtyan.
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    Fashion show under the umbrella of AJA № 60
      The spring of 2012 inspired Russian fashion designers to create   new bright collections and combine them  with jewelry by  Estet Jewelry House. The Estet  fashion week was held from  March 12 to 16   under the umbrella of AJA.
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    Ice-Link at Baselworld 2012 № 59
    Andy Saghoyan represented his contemporary, newly-designed  and innovative Ice-Link watches  at Baselworld 2012
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    Yessayan jewellery- Yellow diamond of Baselwold show № 58
    At Baselworld we were kindly invited to visit  "Yessayan jewellery" booth and saw  the real marvels from Lebanon— high-end and one of a kind pieces by Krikor Yessayan.
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    Younger generation chooses watchmaking # 57
    AJA reports visited  several young watchmakers at Baselword show. Hampig Koshian was our guest.
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    New designs by Cyrill Waskoll at Baselworld # 56
    AJA reports visited Waskoll\s booth at  Baselworld show. New designes and new directions by Cyril Waskoll.
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    AJA at Baselworld 2012 # 55
    AJA Reports visited the Baselworld Show 2012 and set up with several Armenian jewellers attending the show. (Announcment)
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    AJA new wing was founded in Kharabakh # 54
    The Chairman of AJA-Russia Ruben Kotanchian visited Nagorno Kharabakh  Republic. The porpose  of the visit was to found  a new  AJA  wing and to research  find opportunities  for opening a new AJA school in Stepanakert.
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